Although we can be reached by Facebook, phone, text, or e-mail, to receive a price estimate of any kind ***THE PRICE ESTIMATE FORMS BELOW*** are the best way to reach us! Please keep in mind that we are currently booking dreadlock appointments 4 – 5 months in advance. (Tooth gem services are much shorter length and I usually have openings within a week or two!)

Click on the appropriate link below to fill out the form for whichever service(s) you are interested in (NOTE: Forms filled out on mobile devices often do not go through. We encourage all potential clients wanting to make an appointment to fill out our forms on a regular computer instead.):

(natural dreadlocks; with OR without extensions)

(natural dreadlocks; with OR without extensions)

(natural dreadlocks; only fill out this form if you ONLY want extensions without any other service)

(Evolve even deeper into your TRUEST form of self expression with 18 & 24K gold and 100% authentic Swarovski crystal gem tooth adornment!)

(If you email or text me directly I will re-direct you back to this page to fill out the form below, so please do that first if you are primarily interested in a price quote and/or setting up an appointment.)

For general dreadlock information and advice feel free to shoot us an email directly as we’re MUCH better at returning e-mails than we are at returning phone calls!

*** We also encourage folks to read our Policies page before contacting or making an appointment with us. ***

Note: If you are looking for initial placement AND extensions, or maintentenance AND extensions, please fill out the “Initial Placement” or “Maintenance” form as there is a place to include information about any extensions you may want at the end of those forms. ONLY use the “Dreadlock Extensions” form if that is the ONLY service you are interested in.

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