How to Care for “Partial” Dreadlocks

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Absolutely we do! We’re happy to place as many or as few dreadlocks as our clients want. However, it is important to care for one dreadlock just as well as you would a whole head of dreadlocks!

Even if you only have one dread, you need to at the very least keep them CLEAN and keep them SEPARATE! Dreadlocks, whether you have one or one hundred, always have a tendency to want to “eat”/suck in any loose hair around them. Unless you want to end up with mega-dreads you need to regularly run your fingers through your hair around the dreads to make sure none of the hair you want left loose is getting tangled into the locks.

Also, many folks with just one or a few dreads erroneously think it’s OK to continue washing their “normal” hair with regular, commercial shampoos and either not wash their dreads at all or just wash the dreads with special shampoo. No matter how careful you are, there is no way to be 100% certain your regular shampoo isn’t bleeding/seeping into the dreads. You should plan to switch to dreadlock shampoo altogether, even if you only have one dreadlock, for the best possible results and longevity for your dread(s).

Some folks worry that dreadlock shampoo will cause their “normal” hair to get tangled and knotty. For the most part, this is not true! In actuality, dreadlock shampoo is far healthier for your hair than the stuff you buy at your local pharmacy or department store. Most products widely available contain sulfates/sulphates which are extremely stripping to the hair. They strip all of the natural oils out of the hair. However, these oils are our body’s way of keeping the hair healthy and nourished. The use of these harsh detergents in the hair are what necessitates the use of conditioners. However, when you cut sulfates out of the equation (such as when switching to all-natural dreadlock shampoos) it is much gentler and only removes the excess oil from the hair, leaving behind the oil that nourishes and keeps the hair healthy!

Most folks who make the switch often find they don’t need conditioners anymore. Switching to dreadlock shampoo will give you healthier tresses all around!

(If you tend towards dryness, here is the page about Conditioning to learn about what options are safe to use in and around dreadlocks.)